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Meedio Marjatta -ARG

Alternative Reality Game


There are mysterious relaxation tapes in Grandmother's attic. Come and take a listen to what's inside.

Below you can watch and listen to the first episode of the first season of Meedio Marjatta. This work is an alternative reality game, and you can play by roleplaying in the YouTube comments or by following the clues to hidden videos. Find the whole playlist here.

Meedio Marjatta was on display at Taju kankaalla -indie film event in the January of 2023.

The second season of Meedio Marjatta is now out! This time the players get to affect the ending of the story. The game will run from the 21st of November to the 12th of December, when the final episode(s) come out. Watching all videos and solving the puzzles is estimated to take less than two hours in total. I've embedded the first episode below, and her is the season playlist.

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