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I deeply enjoy writing porse, though I've mostly been focusing on more experimental sorts of fiction the last few years. I mostly write speculative fiction, more specifically fantasy. The longest bit of prose I've written so far are the 100 or so first pages of a fantasy novel for my Master's Degree.


With video games I mostly write and do narrative and game design, but I've been known to dabble in the audio side of things as well. Here you will find two games I've participated in the making of. I'm currently working in fairly big project; I'll share more about it as soon as I can.


In Meedio Marjatta alternative reality game meets audio play. This work is an amalgamation of mystery, found footage, and analogue horror set in the Finnish countryside. Written, edited and mostly voice acted by me. Further credits can be found in the YouTube descriptions.


I've translated prose and poems, both my  own and others'. Playing with language is wonderful. I'm capable translating from  Finnish to English, and the other way around too. The texts selected here are written by me.


Poetry, for me, is a way to express the deepest of emotions. Or, well, just have fun and write a piece from the point of view of a fish. I often enjoy writing with some sort of restrictions, and poems with their different forms and structures provide a great groundwork for that.

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