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I do writing, narrative design, game design and even audio things.


First we have Demonic Delight, a game about a young woman who inherits her Grandma's bakery, and embarks on a supernatural journey in Grandma's footsteps. You can play the demo and read the full story script. I was lead writer in this project, with three other writers working in my team. I was also quite heavily involved with the design side of things, as they needed to work in unison with the story.

Then we have Wake up, a short visual novel made for Pride Game Jam 2021. I was one of the two writers.

The latest one is Golden Greenhouse, a tower defense game made for Global Game Jam 2023. I worked on sound effects and made the trailer for the game.

You can also take a look at my page, though you won't find any games there that aren't mentioned here.

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