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The Importance of Feedback

It’s terribly easy to be oblivious to the mistakes in your own text. You know what the text is supposed to convey, so it’s easy to overlook unclear or outright mistaken parts. Before I publish any significant text or send out any important message such as a job application for a position that I really, really want, I ask for feedback. Why, I asked for feedback on this very blog post.

Both giving and receiving feedback will help you improve as a writer. Analysing your own and others’ texts will help you take a critical look at your future writings. You will learn what sort of mistakes you are prone to make, and how to fix them. You will get a feeling on how different people may react to your texts. You will also learn how to express yourself clearer. Now, of course everyone will learn at different paces, but I’m sure if you keep at it, feedback will eventually, if not immediately, help you immensely.

Cultivating a space for feedback among the people you know is great. A good way of getting great and thoughtful feedback from others is offering to give out feedback to those who want it. If none of the people you know warm up to the idea, you can also seek out online or irl spaces where feedback is given and asked for. I’ve found my feedback people from my family, studies, friend groups, and even Discord.

Now, this simple little post may not have been very useful to those who already have people who give them feedback. In a future blog post I will outline some ways to get the feedback that will be most helpful to you, and cover other feedback topics that’ll delve quite a bit deeper into the complexities of the subject. That's what the feedback tag below is for. In the meantime, I encourage you to approach feedback with an open mind. Helping others will help you tremendously.

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