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Meedio Marjatta ARG

This is a space where you can play he second season of the Meedio Marjatta Alternative Reality Game outside of YouTube. The rest of this page is in character text and pics from the game. If you've somehow randomly stumbled onto this, I've added a link below that you will take you to the YouTube playlist.

It will be assumed that all comments in the comment section are roleplaying as a part of the game, so keep that in mind, and mind your manners as well!

The game is officially over, but you can still play! If you figure out its name follow this link, and enter the first letter of each of the six parts (lowercase letters) and you'll get to see what will happen in the story next. Example of how the password should look spellingwise: abcdef

You are allowed and welcome to share info in the comments etc. but if you are outright telling the final answer, kindly warn other players of SPOILERS.

It Speaks in Spectrograms

I've managed to figure out a bit of it's writing, seen it in the audio and deciphered meaning from the context. But it's getting harder and harder to find blind spots to work in, so I need outside help, so please look for its name, and use this to help interpret it. Here is a picture of the communication I decoded: YOU WITHOUT DOOR RUN IN VAIN

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Dec 05, 2023

This might help. How to see a spectrogram in Audacity (free program): 1. Record the audio with audacity. 2. Press on audio track (at the left side of the actual track), and change from Waveform to Spectrogram.


Nov 24, 2023

I see, and I'll keep looking

Nov 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, so much

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